A clear example of all that is wrong with the capitalist world. She is markedly skinny, rather airheaded, an example being her creating a dog clothing line (would someone please inform me what manner of idiot thinks thier dog either wants or needs clothing?). With her great wealth, she has managed to do absolutley nothing of any real merit; she has done some few things in the entirely useless industry of "fashion", which has never and never shall be of any use to anyone, ever. She is also known for being a women of loose morals, and for attempting to get the attention of the entertainment journalists by any means neccesary. She can be perhaps thought of as a media produced celebrity, viz. a person who obtains fame not for having ever actually done anything that is all that interesting in and of itself, but rather, by the design of the media, which continues to report on these petty actions until they seem important by sheer force of repetition.
More disturbing than Mm. Hilton herself, however, are those individuals who actually look up to her. I remain entirley baffled as to how, precisley one can look up to this capitalist swine. What is there to admire; the fact that she lucked into wealth she never remotley earned?; her looks? I remain at an eternal lose to understand these odd persons. Do they simply not know of anyone of real worth that they may look up to? Frequently, the Hiltonists will attempt to defend her with a list of her "accomplishments" and "merits", and will then proceed to state that those who feel revulsion for the emodiment of all that is wrong with the modern world must be jealous of her wealth, or are ugly, or some combination of these concepts. This is usually a source of amusement, bafflement, and sadness over how people can feel so attached to such an utterly worthless individual.
1. Entertainment Ecexutive 1: Ok, we found some girl that's incredibly rich, dumber than anyone I have ever met in my life, has been passed down a fortune from her rich father, and hasn't been able to keep her legs shut long enough to bother doing anything that might be remembered beyond 4-5 years.
EE2: Wonderful. So the Paris Hilton cloning program has born fruit. Excellent.

2. Would someone please be so kind as to help the Hiltonists find someone more deserving of thier blind loyalty?
by NapoleonIV August 12, 2006
A pretty but(not gorgeous)blonde with blue bedroom eyes and full pink lips, has a lean statue-esque body like a model, which she is. Everyone is jealous of her and call her names to make themselves feel better for not being as rich, pretty or famous.
Paris Hilton is someone who'd be a lot of fun to party with.
by szep April 11, 2005
Someone much better than you .. in particular CHRIS. Someone who has inheritited a fortune that you, and your entire public school class' family tree could never amount to. someone who has made it. Someone whose mother did not get her anywhere in life by sucking wang .. like your mother did Chris. And this was all done only for you to end you high school career short, and live off welfare in a dinky Amsterdam trailor for the rest of you life. PS: We're much prettier than you.
Paris Hilton. That's Hott!
by A&F girls! April 18, 2005
A beautiful girl who became rich at birth and gets blamed for it. She is my fashion idol, and can be recognized for successfully upholding a hotel and other business, and getting into a modeling career without help. Sure, being an heiress helped, but is that her fault? I think Paris Hilton is a really awesome person! (So is Tinkerbell!)
Paris Hilton is really sweet, pretty, fashionable, and smart girl.
by Anonymous March 06, 2005
this goes to those who say she has no talent and does nothging...well first off she has a book, clothing line, dog clothing line, perfume, jewelry line, she is an actress, model, and singer....second off what do those poeple who talk shit about her do? sit on thier fat asses and write shit about soemone who is perfect bec ause they are extremely jealous of paris. paris isnt too skinny nor too fat, she has a cute face, cute smile, great fashion sense...she isnt white trash and whats ever better about her is that she makes alot of money by playing dumb on the simple life...play dumb, get money....its really an art. who ever makes fun of her just cant except the fact that she is gorgeous, fun, cute, and rich and they arent any of those things. girls that make fun of paris are usually brunette ewww (i'm criticized as a blonde so i can criticize SOME brunettes), fat, are so desperate to be popular they save up money for months just to buy a nasty dooney and burke bag because they are too poor, and they usually have such low self esteem they make fun of her to make then selves feel better. Guys that make fun of Paris are probably ugly, poor, and extremely extremely dumb. And everyone knows that Carls Jr. commercial is sooo hott! and when some one can answer me what other heiresses work as much as paris (besides nicky) then i will believe that Paris has no talent.
the two most awesome words in rthe english language....

by sparemejust3lastword July 19, 2005
the fucking hottest person/place/thing to ever walk this planet... you people r just jealous...because you arent all that she is which is evrything!!!
Paris Hilton is Perfection!!!
by tina babe March 28, 2005
an awesome, rich, skinny, beautiful girl that everyone is jealous of or wants in their bed. or both.
omg, i wish i could live like paris hilton. and i wish she was in my bed.
by Megan February 21, 2005
The heiress to the hilton hotel fortune. All you people are just jealous because she's hot, rich, famous, and she did it all by looking awesome and being in the right places at the right time (apart from her sex tape, which just made her even more famous.)
"isn't that paris hilton dancing on that table?"
"yes, she's quite the party girl"
by John Doe January 26, 2005

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