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an ungrateful, ludicrous, disgusting, unnatractive, bored and sexually active member of the "Hilton" clan. One of the heirs of the Hilton hotel fortune.
Paris Hilton stole a copy of her sex tape from a street vendor claiming her young fans "came by there all the time".
by Olive March 16, 2005
141 75
A useless slut who has done nothing to be where she is today. A freeloader. The untalented bitch who is famous for having money **sad** A skinny whore who can't even operate something as simple as a toaster. Lindsay Lohans idol. When you hear the words "like," "totally" or "totally and stuff!" repeatedly, you know Paris Hilton is around.
Paris Hilton: I'm a useless slut! yay!

**Have you seen House of Wax? How did she get a part in that? oh thats right, cause they never employ real actresses for shitty teen slasher shit movies.
by b3c July 16, 2005
371 221
An unattractive blonde woman... Possibly with mental retardation.
Dude #1: I slept with Paris Hilton last night!
Dude #2: No way! So did I!
by Paul McCabe August 14, 2005
353 222
1. A brainless, inarticulate slut who asks her friends to write flattering comments about her for urbandictionary.

2. A waste of media attention and best ignored.

3. An ugly, anorexic cum slut whore who will fuck any man who asks.
inebriated street guy: Hey, bitch, do you fuck homeless guys too?
paris: that's hot.
by Buck Fush August 25, 2005
296 166
A blonde cum-guzzling bitch, with absolutely NO body, NO talent and NO personality. An absolue butterface...a buttereverything actually. Which begs me to ask...How in the world did this stupid whore become famous?
Paris: Hi my name is Paris. I look like the love child Mr. Ed and Malfoy from Harry Poter. But I am still famous

Random Dude 1: Hey you're ugly. But fuck me anyways

Paris: Okay...but it'll cost you 5 bucks

Random Dude 1: Damn biatch who do you think you are! I banged Britney for free!
by Rae Rae May 23, 2005
342 214
(1) Stupidity in its purest form. Gives dumb blondes everywhere a bad name.

(2) A flea-ridden road whore, second only to Courtney Love in skankiness.
(1) Paris Hilton thinks they sell walls at Wal-Mart.

(2) See any picture of Paris Hilton.
by Michael Hunt January 03, 2005
278 149
Noun. Any anorexic rich bitch who's net contribution to human society is in the negative. An attention whore (or maybe just a whore.) Someone who let pseudo-fame go to her head and then entrench that head firmly into her rectum.
Jaime thinks Paris Hilton is worthy of idol status and that those who hate on her are just jealous. Jaime is also a self-confessed Sloane Ranger. Go figure.
by KHD February 01, 2005
276 151
A crotch-pheasant who has the IQ of a squashed jackolantern. Looks quite similar to that ugly little dog she carries with her. Adores pink. Has absolutely no use for underwear.
'She's been with forty men, and she's not even out of junior high!'
'Definetely a Paris Hilton, that one.'
by Squirrelykins June 23, 2005
253 131