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an ungrateful, ludicrous, disgusting, unnatractive, bored and sexually active member of the "Hilton" clan. One of the heirs of the Hilton hotel fortune.
Paris Hilton stole a copy of her sex tape from a street vendor claiming her young fans "came by there all the time".
by Olive March 16, 2005
The Paris Hilton where the doors are always open to anyone to wants to enter. The Paris Hilton also includes a complimentary whoregisboard buffet. Also provides room service ~~ for free!!!
Cum one, Cum all!!!
by Pattie December 08, 2003
The original inspiration for the movie "Species." A cock-hungry blonde predator from outer space who doesn't speak the human language of English very well but is driven to go out with and fuck as many human males as possible.
I know you people have seen "Species", are you sure this wasn't a documentary about Paris Hilton’s personal life?????
by Chris January 01, 2005
Slut, whore, prostitute, ugly, white, trash, white trash
Proof that you don't have to be poor to be white trash!
by Sabrina Melendez November 30, 2004
Robin Hood's defense in court.
Robin Hood: We should steal from the rich and give to the poor, especially when the rich are dumb, skanky bitches.
by GeneralFailure March 05, 2005
1. (noun) A mystery, puzzle or conundrum. Something well know for no apparent reason (that's the conundrum).

2. Living proof that inheritance taxes and income taxes for the rich aren't anywhere near as high as they should be.

Paris Hilton is famous. Why?
by avgfhadsfkjbvhadsfjhbv September 02, 2006
A moron with absolutely no morals or brains, who is completely FAKE in every way, a racist bigoted bitch who is so shallow it could make your had spin! She actually has people idolizing her because she is rich and wears expensive clothes. Get a grip, people! She says in her stupid pink book.'...only have billionaire friends.' So all you'fans' out there, she wouldn't look twice at ya! Dumbasses!
See also: shallow, snob, stupid,
by Mouse January 01, 2005
1.(noun) A worthless lump of bones.
2.(noun) A hotel heiress with many more available "amenities" than the hotel in Europe after which she was named.
3.(noun) A rich, ignorant fool.
4.(noun) A media parasite.
5.(noun) A hamper full of dirty underwear.
6.(verb) To whore yourself free of charge.
(n)Sorry, but I can't come out today because I have to wash my paris hiltons.

(v)Last night I think I drank too much and went paris hiltoning all over town.
by spectaculartoefunk December 22, 2004