1.)a nasty trashy rich girl with the morals of a ally cat who does not know what walmart is. 2.)a city in france where people are suck up yet they are totaly rank. 3.) the name of a scandalous flip.
that girl paris is a stright up flip.
The france is the funkyest city and were not talking hip hop.
by kelly robinson April 04, 2004
People in paris think their better then all of the races.
they think there so better then the rest that you wont even find a McDonald's anywhere in Paris
by master puwnage July 24, 2009
Two Words: Shit hole.
"whats that smell jimmy?"
"oh fuck, we must be close to paris, turn around!"
by hahahampo September 21, 2009
the capital of:

1) France
2) french fries eater pidgeons
3) cheese
4) art and culture
5) beautiful girls and french kiss

Also known as a city where people have never seen a bathroom (jealous bullshit) and are very rude (have you heard about the jealous bullshit thing?)
guy: have you ever thought about engagement?

girlfriend: no, never... but you'll propose in Paris on a snowy night in front of the Eiffel Tower with red roses and champagne and caviar and then we'll go to a four stars hotel and...

guy: *sigh*
by just26 April 02, 2008
1. Greek Mythology: In the Illiad: Paris is the young, handsome Trojan prince who was the one to choose the recipiant of the "Golden Apple". The Apple was to go to the fairest of the land. Aphrodite promised Paris the love of the most beautiful woman on Earth; Helen, Queen of Sparta. Paris chose the Goddess of Love. So begun the great war between the Trojans and the Greecs (Role played by Orlando Bloom in Troy).
2. Heiress to Hilton Hotels (Paris Hilton)
3. Capital of France, home of the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre
1. Paris and Helen were star-crossed lovers. Their story probably inspired WIlliam Shakespeare to write "Romeo and Juliet".
2. Paris Hilton has a television show called "Simple Life".
3. "I am going to Paris, France to visit the Louvre."
by Julia:) April 30, 2005
French capital and most open minded city in the world. Openly gay, artistic, poor, wealthy, clubby, and ethnic. Old and funky with building falling apart in a most artistic way
Life on the edge, where every corner is a disco.
by London to Tokyo to Madrid November 07, 2003
Place visited by wannabe writer/cooker american women to have sex with the most strange people because TV and books says it is romantic.
Girl: I want go Paris to find love and inspiration to my book. I am so arrogant that nobody from latin america wants to fuck me here in Florida. I only can have americanized stupid ones.
Boy: Paris is a cliché. You are so creative. I can't wait to read your book.
by Michael123456 May 28, 2008

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