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A girl who gets works for the devil and plays it off as though she is joking. She fools people by mixing evil with humor, although she is just plain evil and twisted. She often thinks about eating people, and has to try very hard not to laugh when hearing about sad things. She has scary eyes and people will sometimes catch her drawing very scary pictures... usually of people throwing up and serial killers and murder dungeons. When no one is around she is a witch and had magical powers and makes potions.
Boy: Did you hear about those 60 people who were killed in Melbourne?
Girl: Yes, satan sent Paris to do it.
by Satan666Satan November 27, 2011
Paris is an amazing girl that not only is loyal, kind and beautiful but is also friends with llamas. She's the kind of girl who puts cars as her Facebook dp for a laugh. She loves guys who are black and have "big lips" as well as the occasional white guy and asian. She goes for guys whose names are Lucas, Skills, Jay-Z, Nate. She loves t.v shows with massive bitches in them because she can be a massive bitch herself. She also loves making fun of girls by shaking her eyes.
Girl: Like my facebook dp? It's a car!
Boy: That's such a paris thing to do
by patry's here:) October 24, 2011
an especially cool friend; friend (used by Chamoru men)
My pari and I went to a bar for some drinks!
by Jesus Chameleon August 07, 2011
1. A place were many black people live and or congregate

2. A large gathering of black people
1) Paul: I'm gonna go to my friends crib in Newark to watch the game

Bob: Oh you mean Paris?

2) Mike: Where's Bill?

Tommy: He's talking to some people over there in Paris
by Classic Carl November 02, 2011
A lovely place that is meant for everyone to visit. Beautiful. Beautiful people, places and things. Paris is heaven.
I shake my little snow globe of paris and anounce to my friends:
" someday guys, someday..."
by amberose June 24, 2005
Small town in Northwest Tennessee known for its yearly observance of a pagan festival in April to honor the great Catfish god. They hold a parade, carnival and rodeo to appease the great Catfish god so he does not cause Kentucky Lake to flood the area and wash away the local Wal-Mart. (A fiberglass idol of the great Catfish can be seen on the town's sign at the intersection of Tyson Avenue and Mineral Wells Avenue.)
Hey Cletus! Let's go to Paris, Tennessee this April for the Fish Fry!
by incadinkado March 14, 2009
A girl who adds balsamic vinegar to everything. she only wears purple and has a horn. She enjoys feeding her plants menstral blood. And balsamic vinegar.
Lindsay: is that balsamic vinegar?
Pari: no it's menstral blood
Lindsay: oh.
by theembassyLK November 07, 2010