A secret society that is one of the most powerful to date. Made of high-profile celebrities, hollywood execs, political figures, millionaires, and regular men. Jay-Z and Kanye West are "rumored" to be members, and are said to allude to the Society in certain songs.
It is “rumored” that the black-out in the 2013 SuperBowl was a direct effort of the Paris Society, as a private display of power to its members.

They identify and control what is seen as sexually attractive, using movies, music, and neurological and psychological research.
Because being more attractive is a biological drive, it drives 70 - 80% of human behaviors - from the drive to make more money, having a nicer car, buying make-up or clothes, become more popular, work certain jobs.

Their overall goal is to "change human sexual attraction" to move toward more intelligent, more ambitious, and more global-minded as attractive, instead of having males “focus on getting a hot car”.

Thought their goal may seem ideal, they use extremely manipulative tactics and are extremely powerful.

They own a hidden front-end company, Social Solutions, to give some of their tactics away to men. They released an eBook, entitled "The Secrets". In the 2 weeks it was launched, it broke several sales records, reached 3,000,000 people, and was on track to becoming the fastest-selling eBook of all time. The Paris Society quickly took it down and suppressed rumors. There is talk of releasing it to the public soon.
Guy 1: "Shit, I saw a guy in a Ferrari with 3 other hot girls inside"

Guy 2: "Paris Society."
by ExMemberSin April 13, 2013

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