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Oh my gosh! I fucking hate Paris fucking Hilton!! Talk about a talentless whore! We wouldn’t even know who the hell she was if she wasn’t such a fucking whore! She can’t act, sing or do shit, she just stands there with her hand on her hip and smiles and gets money for it! I hate that bitch!!!
she is an over spoilt ,Dumb blonde who should rot in hell
by jaime February 04, 2005
221 132
Paris Hilton is a walking sex disease
by shenehneh March 02, 2006
164 76
a rich person, who is famous for being rich, started the dumbest trend, the "Dog Accessories", she is just like every other young, celebrity, partyer, she is ugly and too skinny, I wouldn't touch her with a 50 foot pole, she is loose and easy
Just like at a hotel, you bring your own sheets and blankets becuase you don't know who was just in there
by Who The Douce Are You? April 16, 2005
164 77
You know, I read all these definitions, and in response to the people who say 'OMG ur all just jealous shes so hawt!!!oneone11!!!' I really don't find her the least bit attractive. She sucks at film-making and she's a skank.
Rabid teenybopper: OMG i worship paris everyones just jealous! LOL!!!1!1!!oneone!
Me: Dood she's a cheap skank.
Rapid teenybopper: no she isnt!!!1! LOL!!!
Me: How very intelligent.
Rabid teenybopper: i kno im lyk so smart!
Me: That was sarcasm you idiot!
by Darth Assclown August 06, 2005
159 73
a slutty slutty slut slut who sleeps around woth other sluts.
2. someone who is selfimportant, and seeks attention through the media by having sex with irresponsible slutty slut sluts
"that paris hilton is a slutty slutty slut slut"
by hijime January 11, 2005
169 83
An anorexic nutcase that is as ugly as the extended anus on Goatse.cx.
"Wow Paris! You're gaining weight! I can only see nine of your ribs!"
by Rob the Shrubber June 07, 2004
165 79
Ms. Hilton is a spoiled little no-talent wallet humping twit who probably takes an hour and a half to watch 60 minutes.

Her history is a revolting one, and her current "career" sees her in everything from skits on SNL (where she embarrasses herself with one bland performance after another), and movies such as House of Wax in which her overall acting ability only slightly rivals that of wax fruit. Many people are tired of seeing this rat-faced mascarra caked mongoloid sharing screen time with actual celebrities, but for some reason there are other far more stupid people who enjoy her "work". If you happen to be one of them, congratulations, you are assisting in dumbing down entertainment for the rest of us.
Paris Hilton used to somewhat pretty, probably charming, then Hollywood got ahold of her and now she resembles a cross between a gorgon and a wet chihuahua.
by Elbowwalker September 25, 2005
156 71