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A prostitute who really looks like some sort of bird. She's a media whore with no talent.
OMG is that Paris Hilton?!
No, that's an ostrich...
by Angie June 17, 2006
Synonym: Skeletor

Paris Hilton (Paris Hilltonn)-noun; rich and ugly chick otherwise known as skeletor because of her skinny complection.
Paris hilton is the new skeletor.
by SkeletorHater August 28, 2005
Someone who is famous for doing nothing. A clear example of the spoiled preppy girl. A walking stick with no butt, breasts or anything. Super slutty person that has sex and everyone in the world sees it. She is a clear example of the White trash syndromme.
Just watch TV daily, she's everywhere!!
by Eggy_Chuck55 June 03, 2005

A dirty, shallow, pointless white trash heiress who made it big by getting banged by some dick from NJ on night vision and since has become a huge sensation despite having no talent or redeeming qualities what so ever. She's worshipped by double digit IQ'd teenagers who can't take logical criticism about her without resorting to 5th grade insults such as "ur jeluz". Theres a war beetween her fans and her haters debating her fame all over the net. The fans are usually naive 14 year olds without any taste or imaginations in ART or music. Her haters usually resort to logic but can't quite explain it to the generation of mindless, mtv robots raised on fast music videos and shitty music. She's currently the biggest thing in America and frankly, I can sure do without her.

Paris Hilton was parodied on South Park and it was actually not far from the real thing.
by rob ricksen February 26, 2006
The lowest form of american culture. Claims to have copywrited the phrase "that's hot" and is making thousands off of apparel and other things with that phrase on it.

Can be described in one word:
Quick! Someone copywrite "THATS COOL" before winter wear comes out!!

Paris Hilton is famous for NOO reason! Rich people suck ass
by AbbeyAbbeyAbbey October 10, 2005
A breeding ground for STDs to combine and mutate into new monstrosities: e.g. Blennorrhea + Siphylis. That's hot...
Someone needs to zip-tie Paris Hilton's knees together before she brings about a virus that will end the world.
by Phillip Leo February 27, 2008
The act of video taping sex acts with someone using night vision
I finally conviced my bitch to tape us fucking, but it was so dark we had to Paris Hilton it.
"God damn she is ugly, thank god i paris hiltoned you fuckin her or we would have see her face"
by porcupine November 24, 2003