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One who seeks notoriety and then acts shocked and horrified when they find it.
She is such a Paris Hilton. Didn't she think that all of her wanton behavior would catch up with her?
by zoroaster December 12, 2003

White Anglo Saxon PROSTITUTE!

1.) Belongs in a whore house.
2.) Has no morals or values or anything worth ANY value.
3.) Is all fake, including her fucked up, fried brain.
4.) Has a voice that sounds like a guys.
5.) Has absolutely no ass. She IS an ass.
6.) A fucking piece of white trash.
7.) Talentless.
8.) Has fucked so many guys that her cunt is all flappy and can stretch to the size of her head.
9.) A worthless slut.
10.) Flat. Front and back.
11.) Absolutely no figure.
12.) Fucking ugly.

Some people think we Paris Haters are jealous? Please. What has she done that is actually vauable and moral and can be used as a rolemodel? Her sex tape? Oh, I'm sure mothers all around the world just can't wait for their daughters to grow up and become sluts, huh?

And all of her clothing lines, and perfumes, and jewlery, and bunch of other shit. What is that going to teach kids? To dress like a skank, too? And besides, she hires people to design them for her, idiots!

Her book was so poorly written that even my sister who is in third grade can write better than her.

Plus there is the fact that she has absolutely no work ethic because she didn't even earn it. It was all given to her by her 'grandaddy'.

Fucking unworthy cocksucker!
This is an example of how Paris Hilton's crapy body and rolley-polley brain operate.

Paris: Hey, wanna fuck?
Fat Slob: Sure!

*They are makeing out*

Fat Slob: Stop! I can't stand it any longer!
Paris: What is wrong?
Fat Slob: Even my grandmother's harry ass is prettier than your face, and she is an obese, cellulite-covered bitch! Fuck! Get away from me you unworthy cocksucker! My cock is too good for you!
by GSD-Peace Out! February 27, 2006
you know paris hilton, the skinny whore who has more money than god.
bob:that paris hilton sure is hot.
Sue:oh,last night at the club i saw her with your grandpa.
Bob: what? Whore
by scarysnowman May 31, 2004

Paris Hilton in a nutshell
by Zeebo the Barber November 09, 2006
A reason to love communism
Capitalism doesen't always reward only the most capable people.
by eeee3333 July 19, 2005
A stupid ass white girl who thot it would be fun to watch herself have sex on video!! HOW DUMB!! Wat was the point off that??

" I'm Paris Hilton. I'm a dumb ass white girl who recorded herself had sex."

She's a Paris*or Hilton*

shouting down hall:


writting a note and u feel in a pissy mood and wana insult your friends. Write:

Paris Hilton.
...but make sure they dont go to urban dictionary.
by Kaleema April 05, 2005
Proof that money can buy fame.
Paris Hilton is useless, but rich.
by best definitions ever July 29, 2006