A beautiful, kind and talented young woman who is hated, and essentially bullied, by billions of people across the world for no good reason.

The main reason people hate her is because they think that she is famous because her dad owns a huge amount of money. This is not true. She slowly worked her way up to the top by showing up at parties, modelling shows, events and basically being an 'it-girl', which is how a lot more celebrities actually became celebrities than most people know.

THEN she started her acting career, singing career, modelling career etc.

So think before you bitch about her. Barely anyone knows even a slightest grain of truth about her and just believes what they hear, see or read in the tabloids. If, for example, a new girl arrived at your school and someone told you she was a slut, would you go round slagging her off like there's no tomorrow? I don't think so. So why would you do that with Paris Hilton? Wait until she's actually harmed or offended you before you hate her.

Remember, Paris - there are loads of people in the world who would kill to see you fall, so only listen to those who know the real you and not just what Perez Hilton has put on his bitchsite. (Seriously, that guy is gonna really hurt someone's feelings someday)

Woman 1: I'm gonna name my kid Paris.

Woman 2: Awww what a cute name! Maybe she'll even turn out like Paris Hilton!
Woman 1: I'm not sure anyone could be THAT nice. I mean, I can't do miracles, can I? Maybe Richard and Kathy Hilton are Gods in disguise ...
Woman 3: Oh my God, you're gonna name your after that sex tape-making bitch?
Woman 1 + 2: Hey! Rick Solomon filmed that without her knowing. She was furious when she found out. Do you really think someone that nice would allow that to happen if she knew about it at the time?
Woman 3: True, true, true ...
Woman 1 + 2 + 3: WE LOVE YOU PARIS!!!!!
by Luke Stafford March 12, 2008
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Like Kansas, flat, white and easy to enter
The #1 coin collection by Conan O'Brien
by James Lowe October 17, 2004
(1) in physiology, to have an unusually small gluteus maximus
(2) hips unable to bear children
(3) jaundice
(4) anorexia
(5) a person who is only attractive to another person (sexually or no) for their ability to dress like a skank and their daddy's money (pimp or biological)
(6) no intellectual ability whatsoever
(7) ex girlfriend of and ex boy band member
(8) someone who features prominently on internet porn
(9) a person who does not worry about money ie. i person who buys excessive amounts of designer labels in order to be fashionable
(10) what is affectionately known of as a pub skank, white hair, orange skin and pointy features and who wears skirts that double as belts and stillettos that drill holes in concrete floors...
(11) fucking annoying
She had a pair of paris hiltons, her first baby had a squashed head, her second had a bad case of paris hilton, and her third developed paris hilton syndrome in her teens. luckily she was a paris hilton, but some found her very fucking paris hilton
by tiny dancer July 04, 2004
a skinny ugly rich bitch who don't deserve anything she got
Paris Hilton is a skanky ho
by Long John November 18, 2003
'Economist: What goes up must come down.
as to
Paris Hilton: I must go down on what comes up.' --the Cone Zone
That one really cracked me up
by cmf October 02, 2004
What exactally did paris hilton do to become a "celebrity"? oh thats right, jack $hit. her makeup is horrible, and she looks like a sack of bones rattling around on the red carpet.
*in science class*
person 1: hey look at the skeleton model.
person 2: it looks like paris hilton, it just needs a buttload of eyeshadow on it.
by stranger June 10, 2004
A pair of enormous feet with a skinny celebutante sprouting up from them.
Paris Hilton is looking for a pair of shoes -- transvestite boutique perhaps?
by majestic-cheese August 21, 2009
The Paris Hilton where the doors are always open to anyone to wants to enter. The Paris Hilton also includes a complimentary whoregisboard buffet. Also provides room service ~~ for free!!!
Cum one, Cum all!!!
by Pattie December 08, 2003
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