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To want celebrity status at any cost i.e. cosmetic surgery, sleeping around, hosting parties, releasing fashion n perfume lines, cat fight's, releasing music labels etc

To do anything, as long as people's tongues are wagging about you.

To be beautiful at any cost, even bankrupting yourself for those perfect set of titties.

To be the ultimate slut. See Hollywood Slut Syndrome or Jaspers Syndrome.

To have an addiction to beauty in such a way that a person is constantly getting their hair done, make-up, facials, cosmetic surgery, massages, gym etc that you never have any time for yourself, friends or family.

When beauty takes up 120% of your time.
I woke up this morning at around 2pm in the afternoon and didn't know who to sleep with! I totally had Paris Hilton Syndrome!!! H - E - L - P!

I have been at the beauty clinic for the past 5 years having everything from nose jobs, tummy tucks and breast enlargements.... I think I have Paris Hilton Syndrome!!!
by The Moody Poet October 09, 2006
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Being of spoiled rich offspring having no clue about the struggles of the working class.
The real problem with most corporations is Paris Hilton Syndrome.
by newlifeeeternal December 12, 2011
A sort of sick disease, when a person finds themselves waking up in a different bed everyday. May include temptations to throw away all property that is not pink. People affected may spend all their worldly lifetime savings on things such as breast implants, ass implants, pink poodles, and big pink bags to carry the poodles around in.
'Visiting' jail may seem like an honourable goal or accomplishment to such people, as well as at least one lesbian relationship in life. Also the ability to sing like a cat being strangled, and the confidence to share this 'gift' with the world. The diseased also find it compulsory to be a slut, and a porn item of some sort.
Girl 1: I feel so weird! My ass seems to get larger everyday, my toilet seat is suddenly pink, and i haven't slept in my own bed for almost a month! What do you think is wrong with me?
Girl 2: You must have Paris Hilton Syndrome! You poor thing! You're screwed!
by L.I.M June 27, 2010
Where everything affected begins to resemble rat-like properties.
I looked like a rat from a dirty gutter when I woke up this morning, but then I found out I had the Paris Hilton Syndrome.
by Kaleur August 14, 2009
The Paris Hilton syndrome refers to the gleeful pleasure that some people get when some essentially harmless prominent or attractive person experiences humiliation; as was the case when the Hilton heiress and model Paris Hilton was outed in the widely-disseminated and infamous sex video. It is essentially one form of schadenfreude.
Meg and Candy enjoyed the fall from grace of pop princess Britney Spears; another manifestation of the Paris Hilton syndrome.
by eViL pOp TaRt July 18, 2006

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