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The man. The legend. The Band Director.
Delaware State Teacher of the Year 1987

Also known as P-Dog, or simply "P"
Student 1: Mr. Parets yelled at me and it was totally unfair!
Student 2: Weren't you drinking?
Student 1: ...Yeah.
Student 2: Exactly.
Student 1: Well, I guess I was being a dumbass. I actually should go thank him. He's just looking out for me, and making me a better person.
by Tiger March 05, 2005
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Hockessin slang for cigarette; so dubbed because of the chain-smoking band conductor of AI duPont Highschool.
Person 1: Yo, nigga, lemme get get a coupla' dem Paretses you got there.
Person 2: Menthol, I assume.
by Mike Mahoney March 06, 2005
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