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When someone has an extreme urge to snack. Most often occurs late at night.
Dude, there was some serious Paranormal Snacktivity going on last night at my house...
by TylerIsRANDOMIZED October 13, 2009
When an anonymous person or persons eats a noticable amount of the snacks in your house; and nobody fesses up when parents/siblings get pissed off and the issue is adressed. A great excuse to get your family off your ass.
Sister: Where the hell did all of the oreos go?

Me: i dont know.

Mom: Bullshit, you're the one who had friends over last night! I just bought those oreos yesterday morning!

Me: Looks to me like some paranormal snacktivity..

Everyone: Ahh.. I see..
by indie_indeed February 16, 2011
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