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SEX. Pop/Rock/Alternative band from Vermillion, South Dakota that contains six of the hottest guys ever. You will never meet a bunch quite like them.
You: "What did Paradise Fears?"
Me:"The Turtle..."
by turtlenation December 31, 2011
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1.) A band that was started by Cole, Sam and Michael their sophomore year of high school.The band includes six talented artist ; Cole Andre (guitar/ vocals), Sam Miller (vocals), Jordan Merrigan (guitar/ vocals), Michael Walker (piano/ synth), Marcus Sand (bass), Lucas Zimmerman (drums). They started in Vermillion, South Dakota.

2.) The best mix of handsome boys and heart moving music.
" Who is Paradise fears?"
" Only the sweetest boys you could ever want to meet. They have the most amazing songs your ears will ever hear."
by TeesaV<3ParadiseFears December 31, 2011
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