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Papz is shortened for Paper i.e. Cash notes.
1)'Got to get a job, got to make the papz'
>'Get a job and earn money/cash notes'<

2)'Don't get my papz till next week'
>I don't get paid till next week'<
by minarani December 22, 2006
papz is a term for good and brillance. also the greek term for a dam hard mother fucker
papz a.k.a. pimp mistro
look there's papz.....shit lets get out of this hood that nigga will blow my head of blad!!!
by seal patel December 20, 2003
Rolling Paper for joints.
Guy1- You got papz?
Guy2- Nah dude, we have to smoke it outta the bong.
by KingKoopa5 August 29, 2008
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