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The Papplebom or Papple Bomb is a drink made of half a pint of Magners, half a pint of pear Magners and a shot of Jameson.
I wanted to get blitzed on Pappleboms with my friends last night but I only had one before the bar ran out of pear Magners.
by nlkassad February 26, 2012
A Papplebom or Papple Bomb is a drink that is half Magners, half Pear Magners, with a shot of Jameson.

When drinking it is common to mix the regular and pear Magners in a pint glass then drop or pour in the shot of Jameson and chug in a race against another drinker.
"I was chugging a Papplebom when my friend made me laugh. There was cider and jameson everywhere!"
by nlkassad March 07, 2012