Referring to safe sex practices, requiring either STD test results (paper) or condom (plastic).
I told my new boyfriend that when we get ready to have sex, it's either paper or plastic, that's my policy.
by myhappydestiny September 15, 2010
Top Definition
(Idiom) Cash or Credit card?
Paper or plastic, Coco Mademoiselle?
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 09, 2004
Expression that denotes a mental shock, particularly when somebody asks something totally new in a difficult, alien or unknown dialect.

It originated from the shocking experience of immigrants shopping in an American supermarket, when asked about paper or plastic bags; it is a common first culture shock.
1) I didn´t understand a word he was saying. It was like a different language. Paper or plastic?!
by Fernando Gonzalez October 14, 2005
A question one asks when one is told of a very ugly girl. In effect, it is asking whether this girl should take to wearing a paper sack over her head, or whether she's so incredibly fuck-awful that the only thing left is for her to suffocate herself with a plastic bag.
Dude, I met this chick at a Wendy's the other night. She was super into me. Too bad she was fugly...

How bad? Like, paper or plastic?
by Jamocahchip June 10, 2010
Cash or credit card?
Grocery cashier: Your total comes to $13.37. Paper or plastic?
by Seahen July 12, 2009
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