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Someone who overachieves by handing in his/her work through some kind of paper format (letters/essays, etc..) made popular by the movie 'The Other Guys'
Teacher : "Skyler was the only one to turn in his essay today, why didn't you guys turn in yours ahead of time like Skyler?

Student "PAPER BITCH!!!"
by Todd P Hunkleberry September 23, 2010
Someone so submerged in allday bureaucreacy that misses to enjoy the pleasures of life, very probably becoming a nerd, geek or noob as a result..

Paperbitches are usually individuals with a very heavy work load, who fail to have a normal social life. Most of them are 40 year old virgins with a tonsure (see Jarhead) sniffing the boss' ass every day.

Paperbitches will tell on you with the boss. Paperbitches will cock block you from the hot secretary. Paperbitches will always try to appear like a know-it-all jackass..

Paperbitches have never fucked, will never do, and do not even know how to use their sticks...
Dawg from da Hood: Hey man, lets go doing some parrtaaah!! Mofo!

Paperbitch: Sorry man, my ass is being ripped at work, I cannot

Dawg from da Hood: thats dissapointing bro, u a fuckin paperbitch...
by Nigga-yeah-yeah July 05, 2011
when a person excedes the level of being a plain bitch, beyond bitch.

also, has Ranks(from military) starting from private, and goes all the way up to 5 star Paper Bitch
that guy is such a paper bitch for believing in scientology.

Man, did you see that paper bitch?
by DonCheadle March 23, 2011
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