Like many bands out there, catchy music but I cringe at their lyrics (when I happen to think on them). Popular enough for me to want to buy an album and place it near the back of my CD folder.
Papa Roach is alright, but nothing spectacular.
by kaze2k5 March 09, 2004
One of the best bands out there when their album Infest came out. But you have to admit that they have gone hill a lot with their new stuff. Such a disappointment they had so much potential.
Last Resort? She loves me not? The best songs ever!!!!!
by Ronto March 01, 2005
Just one more lame band that appears sometimes on mtv. No musical talent, they don't even know what music is. They just want to seem rebels and violent, but we all know they are a bunch of faggots.

Losers and lame teenagers usually like them.
X: "Cut my life into pieces, this is my last re.."
X: "That's papa roach. I sing their songs when i want someone to shut me up introducing a dick in my mouth"
by ze boda January 19, 2004
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