the most best fucking awesome band ever! whos best son is to be loved with last resort barely behind.
I went to a papa roach concert and i pissed my pants cuz it was awesome!
by noobhole1 October 14, 2008
The remainder of a smoked joint that is much larger than the average "roach" and has been disposed of, on the ground, by a smoker who has had reason to dispose of it. A "papa roach" is minimum one-third of a full joint. Papa roaches are often found at the initiation site of a police chase as the person smoking the joint may likely attempt to dispose of the "evidence" by throwing the partially smoked joint out the window of a car.
Korey - "Hey man, did you see that guy take off in his 1995 Ford Escort?"
Bennett - "Yeah, lets go check and see if he tossed a papa roach."
by Korey Bastian August 18, 2008
Papa Roach rocks my socks.
Papa Roach fucking rocks, if you disagree, you fucking suck.
by Tablecloth August 13, 2005
You goddamn fuckers, Papa Roach owns. I want nothing to do with angsty little teens. But this music is the shit. Go suck yourself.
Papa Roach owns you, because I say it does. I am always right. Shut up.
by Arkkon March 11, 2004
Someone who rocks the black leather jacket, all year.

Isaac Broyles.
by Anonymous May 05, 2003
1.)One of April's favorite bands.
1.)Fuck everyone elses opinion, I like Papa Roach, and that's all that matters. Don't make me go April on you...
by April December 22, 2004
Quite francly the best band ever
Papa Roach are the best.
by nebben August 25, 2003

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