The most addictive songs ever heard!!
Infest, Dead Cell, Getting Away with Murder. They are all tunes.
by Snaithy April 29, 2005
A band that's helping me get through a lot of shit.
If it weren't for this band, i probably would have killed myself.
Papa Roach owns!
Life was unbearable before i found Papa Roach.
by ksjdfhkjhkjh February 23, 2008
Public Address Private Analysis. Recognition of Apocalypse Creates Hope.
Papa Roach is awesome.
by ^_^ August 21, 2004
A Nu-metal band, not hardcore, as mentioned in another definition on this site. They were very popular in the early 2000's with their début album "Infest". After this things have kept going downhill with albums such as "LoveHateTragedy".

Now their music is seen as a complete joke or a nostalgic reminder to why nu-metal was possibly the worst phase metal ever passed through.
{Guy A} "Hey, have you heard "Papa Roach" before?"

{Guy B} "Of course, They were the soundtrack to my Early Teenage years. What was I thinking!"
by HxCBreakdown May 05, 2010
A jewel amongst other bands that sing about happy shit all the time and good time, come on life isn't disneyland. I personally love this band, and Thats all that counts.
People always try to win and show-off things they do better than others. There's this competition going on, I think this is unconsciously. papa roach downright admits the opposite.
by JR. M June 18, 2005
The best band of all time. For the 10 years these guys have been around they have rocked you with the best emo/anx metal ever. a Band that Matters.
Papa Roach got to number one on billboard.
by November 28, 2003
A very large joint or roach which is usually 4-6 inchs long and is smoked in a group
Dylan rolled a quarter into a paparoach and lit it up in his basement with his dealer
by Chick mag June 07, 2009

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