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Character from The League of Gentlemen (Series 2), played by Reece Shearsmith. A mysterious individual who travels with 'Mama' Lazarou, 3 dwarves and a 7ft Scottish giant among others - Papa Lazarou's Pandemonium Carnival. Origin unknown (possibly French?), has a black face (painted, like a minstrel) and gravelly voice. Operates under the facade of a circus owner/door-to-door peg salesman but what he really does is "collect" (ie. steal) peoples wives - exact number unknown but thought to be in the hundreds. Often speaks in gibberish and sometimes disguises himself as "Keith" (Series 3) - who would strike most as being somewhat homosexual. Will ask for your wedding ring and if you give it to him, your fate is sealed! He will tell you "You're my wife now!" before sticking you in a cage with his other "wives" where you will be hosed down by the dwarves
Autom... sprow. Cana... tik bana! Sandwol... but no sera smee?
by Quicksand Jesus April 20, 2004
the owner of 'papa lazarous pandamonium curcus' which has a population of 7, inculdeing 1 tall freak, 1 bearded woman, 4 midgets and papa himself. he has only 1 fear, and that is nose bleeds. do not let your nose bleed near him or you could start a war. also has many wives all named dave
helllo dave
by the pope January 17, 2004
he comes to your house and asks if you want to buy his pegs. he will then ask if daves there. when told there is no dave living there, he asks again. he then brings out mama lazarou and demands she uses your toilet. he will then tell you your toilet is broken but not to worry, hes fixed it. this is all, however, a lie and is just a ploy to steal your wedding ring and throw you in his circus as his "wife".
he even does it at christmas where he dresses up as a rather strange looking santa.
PApa lAzArOu iS cool.
by rathsangatas drink November 01, 2004
The League of Gentlemen character. Travelling gypsy circus man and door-to-door peg salesman. Has a tendency to steal wives. Face is painted black (well, it's paint, but its his face- tough to explain) Generally crazy in every way.
Who is this? Papa Lazarus?
by Penisman November 30, 2003
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