This means that someone is acting really gay or just plain stupid, and usually comes with a number right after it, and in the hundreds. The number goes between 1-1000, 1 being the lest and 1000 being the greatest.
Oh My God dave you panztronian 650, stop being retarded
by Taylor S. April 29, 2005
Top Definition
A word used to describe the extremity of a person's panzyness using the word Panztronian followed by a number (1 being the lowest, 1000 most often being used as the highest).
1)Nezzer, stop being a Panztronian 935 and help me take down these CT's!


2)Wow Saecoe, you just went from a Panztronian 800 to a Panztronian 10 with that move, thanks for the backup!
by Andrew Brooks December 23, 2005
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