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A shortened version of the word pansy. Used as a mild insult to others...
Teen 1-"Go ask that girl out!"
Teen 2-"No.. what if she doesn't like me?"
Teen 1-"Panz..."
by The BNNG February 25, 2009
1. Descriptive word of a ‘dull’ ‘senseless’ or ‘stupid’ acting person, usually someone who is reacting to the effects of marijuana. Description of that person as a chimpanzee hence the word PANZ.

2. A word that could be used in place of man when coupled with the word ‘chill out’
1. Bro, you’re a PANZ!
2. Chillout PANZ!
by panzman2007 October 28, 2007
another word for ACID. or LSD. it's a drug :) you should try it! you'd really like it.
fuckkk budddeh, i got so high on pan-z with lena last night it wasn't even cool. except it was...
by KATIE1111111111111 April 14, 2009
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