it what a woman hids in her pantys. pussy minge
i pulled this bird last night and when i undressed her she had the cutest little panty hamster
by badgerroy June 28, 2008
Top Definition
Another word or for a vagina. 'Quivering' can be added in front of for good effect.
What a nice panty hamster
by Link December 08, 2004
An alcoholic beverage composed of 8oz of Smirnoff Ice Triple Black (or your favorite flavored malt beverage, NEVER USE BEER!) and four ounces of tequila. Drink or pour into a cup four oz. from the Smirnoff bottle (leaving 8, duh) and refill with tequila. Cover the bottle and shake, then chug as fast as you can. Drinking the panty hamster in this way is called "Shaving the Panty Hamster."
1. Dude, if you're lookin' to get fucked up quick, let's shave a couple Panty Hamsters.

2. Aaron shaved four panty hamsters in like five minutes, and now he is passed out on the driveway.
by fencecat42 July 13, 2006
An abnormally hairy snatch
Hey bitch, shave that fuckin panty hamster, before it bite me!!
by Minger Magnet April 18, 2003
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