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A Panty Claus is a house guests who steals women's panties.
Husband: What's wrong dear?
Wife: I can't find my favorite red panties
Husband: We must have had a visit from Panty Claus
by wrangerti December 05, 2013
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during the month of december 1st and the 31st, if a man gets pussy within these days, he got a visit from the panty claus.
(day: december 15th)

Matt: awwww shit son i just got half black/vietnamese/filipino/punjab/white/irish pussy today!

Gerard: awwww skeet skeet motha fucka! u just got a visit from the panty claus.

Matt: awww yea man thats what the business is chuz! wanna go treasure hunting at 1:00 in the morning?

Gerard: ya man lets go get some Filipino flags and from Mira Mesa and wave it around mexicans!
by jaficial December 13, 2008
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