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i.e. (1) Aunt Flow's early bird gift that she sends the day before a woman's menstration.
(2) An add-on device that can be placed on vibrating underwear. The Panty Pearl should be placed towards the front of the undercarriage.
(3) A woman's early morning suprise after a long night of vigorous sex.
(1) "I hate it when I forget to wear panty liners the day before my panty pearl ALWAYS ruins my underwear!"
(2) "Oh George, I love the new Panty Pearl you bought for my vibrating panties! Now when you're out of town, I can enjoy myself too!"
(3) "Thomas, we need to stop having so much late night sex! The clean up that comes with a morning panty pearl always makes me late to work!"
by Hotluva October 22, 2009
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