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Pantspissers are usually teenagers (or just act that way) and try to appear "edgy" and "unique" but just achieve "irritating little snot". They will often describe themselves as "misunderstood", roll their eyes at anyone who enjoys mainstream entertainment, and make passive aggressive comments over trivial points on message boards and in chatrooms.
Typically can be silenced for awhile by challenging them in the same manner because they are, in fact, only cowardly little pantspissers.
Normally social skilled person: You, know I actually kind of enjoy American Idol.
PantsPisser: yeah, you and the rest of the sheeple (eyeroll)
NSSP: Don't you have something better to do than heckle me- like hit puberty?
PP: .......
NSSP: Yeah, thanks for continuing to make the case for a mandantory Internet maturity test, scooter.
by bitteryoungwoman March 27, 2009
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