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A type of prank that consists of somebody pulling somebody else's pants and underwear down, while in a public environment or around a group of people. Often done between friends, and not strangers.
Person 1: What shall we do for our youtube video?

Person 2: .. we could pants my dad?

Example 2:

Person 1: What's up dude, why are you holding up your pants?

Person 2: *looks side to side and whispers* I got pants'd yesterday and I don't want it to happen again..
by Charmedtruths October 06, 2013
Following the standard unix nameing convetion, pantsd is a pants daemon. In computers a daemon refers to a background processes, so it is a background process which runs on pants.
pantsd failed to start today (I'm not wearing pants)
I turned of pantsd (I took of my pants).
by hobosauce June 24, 2008

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