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A ladies man; a womaniser
Chad: Watch Goob pull the moves on this chick, he will definitely take her to bed tonight.
Ash: Yeah he is a real Pants Man
by Anthony Gooby Yates May 09, 2006
Used to describe a charming, handsome man who likes a piece of ass and will do anything to get his beautiful hands on it. Since used to describe Brett on K&K can also mean a real ladies man, but also a man you can take to see your mother.
Oh, what a pantsman. A real charming spunk rat if I ever saw one.
by hollywoodsdollface June 01, 2006
A man who takes pride in the pants that he wears
thinks jeans look stupid and feels his choice of pants are the best kind there is.
Most pantsmen take pride in their being pantsmen, but still often have minor conflicts with pantsmen of different pants.
A: Um , dude what's up with him?
B: Oh, didn't you hear?
A: Hear what?
B: He's a pantsman.
A: Pantsman? wtf is that?
B: It's someone who likes to wear a certain kind of pants,

because they think jeans are too conformist and dumb.
A: That, surprisingly makes a lot of sense.
B: Right... Sure it does
A: Well you know how negroes(or black people, depending on whether you find the Spanish language offensive or not) wear those silly clothes?
B: Actually yes, I see your point, lots of people take pride in the clothes they wear
A: Exactly
B: But it's African-Americans, not negroes.
A: What if they're not from America?
B: Touché
by Cargopantsman February 02, 2011
That strange man that you find smelling your pants when you come home from work. Is often greek.
As I stepped through the dark portal into my room, I found a pants man sitting there, just sniffing and smelling my pants. He was greek.
by Stinkily malicious September 07, 2004
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