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the jig one does when attempting to pull up pants that have fallen down, or are trying to put on when said pants are too small. one who performs such a dance is said to be a pancer.
"the pants dance is my new favorite dance because my jeans never stay on!"

"girl, you are way too big to get into those jeans. stop doin' the pants dance. you look ridikulous!"
by Pancer March 06, 2009
the dance you perform while trying to fit into a small pair of pants.
Jane: "Those pants look great on you!"

Kate: "Thanks. I had to do the pants dance to get them on, though."
by EatTheNoodles April 04, 2009
1. Dance in which the wearer pulls the front of his or her pants, while wearing the said pants, with both their thumbs and gently pulls on the pants in a rhythmic motion, swaying their hands and pelvis side-to-side. Using the thumbs to force oneself to leap forward with each sway is also acceptable, but may cause minor amounts of property damage, minor injury to oneself or others, and enormous amounts of humiliation.

2. The move one does in a seated position while trying to scratch the itch caused by pubic hairs latched to the penis as it retracts back into one's body.
1. "Dude, me and this hot chick met on the dance floor and we started to Pants Dance, but then she stumbled and hit an old lady."

2. "Sir, I will not allow you to Pants Dance while I am giving a lecture!"
by The Jaw Slapper February 03, 2010
Where you put your hands in the back pockets of your pants and shake your pants around.
How 90s.
by matt February 13, 2004
The dance that somehow involves pants! It's not stripping, but it can be.

A fine non sequitur.
Check it out, ya'll! I'm doing the pants dance!
by Rabspat April 27, 2006
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