A Panamanian word that describes the act of using your friends computer to watch porn and masterbate in his room, and lie about it.
Che pulled a panton last night using Cips computer.
by redheaddrapes March 21, 2011
Top Definition
Noun or adjective - Some one who is full throttle, to push it up, or lights their hair on fire. Also a good dude; a current or former member of the technically, tactically, strategically, aesthetically, and especially socially superior fighter squadron.
That gentleman was quite awesome which makes sense because he's a Panton.
by PITFU April 27, 2009
Member of the 35th Fighter Squadron/Aircraft Maintenance Unit. Part of the 8th Fighter Wing "Wolf Pack" at Kunsan AB Korea.
Once a Panton, always a Panton.
by Ken Gman March 21, 2008
A combination of the French and English words for Pants (English) Pantalons (French). One day will become the only word for pants!
Bec:Nice pants Tom
Tom: What? you mean Pantons
Bec: Oh I'm an idiot
by Tomecca March 30, 2008
A person of Old age normally over the age of 60 years old.
Damn that niggas a Panton!!!!
by Veronicca May 21, 2007
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