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A new OS (10.3) for mac, far superior to any before it. Improved features, speed, stability... Fourth major OS revision in 3 years. Gets bashed by Windows users who have never used anything above OS9.
I installed Panther on my G4 Tower and it hasn't crashed since!
by Kerrigore December 03, 2003
an oversized masterbatory tool used to achieve female orgasm. It is purple in color and shaped in the form of a penis where at the base are two clitoral knobs used to provide stimulus to the vagina. circular motions of both clitoral knobs are controled via remote control to either speed or slow the stimulus. when inserted into the vagina the plastic coating secreates a strawberry flavored lubricant similar to the cosnsitancy of semen. its sleek shape, dark color and agressive action clearly is representative of the name it has earned over the years.
i havent gotten laid in 6 weeks since my old lady bought that panther. all she wants to do is keep that thing between her legs.
by yo diggity November 14, 2003
The 10.3 version to Apple's Mac OS X.
Successor to Jaguar, it features such new features as Expose, Font Book, & FileVault.
Much faster on all Apple machines.
Man, I just installed Panther on my G3 iMac, and it really is like a brand new Mac!
by Chris Cary November 05, 2003
Noun - Black version of todays cougar. Black woman in her 40 s who likes younger men, typically in their twenties.
I cannot believe Shaniquas mom is a panther. Wow Whoopie Goldberg is dating a 22 year old, what a panther.
by R dub Westerbagel April 09, 2011
A car platform introduced by the Ford Motor Company in the late 1970s. Notable features include a sturdy body-on-frame design, large trunk, roomy interior, and a long hood with enough room underneath for a powerful V8 or V10 engine. In 2004, the Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis/Marauder, and Lincoln Towncar were all built on the Panther platform.
After GM killed off the Caprice in 1996, the Panthers became the last traditional American sedans.
by K. W. Mahon January 22, 2004
second word in Pink Panther- a french detective that foils european jewel thieves. also see Peter Sellers...
The Curse of the Pink Panther
by koos December 12, 2003
A member of the Black Panthers; a militant civil rights organization from the 1960's.
Purpose was to lift the morale and spirits of the then underpriviledged inner city black population.
Derived from this idea- the members of this group are like panthers, in the sense that they don't
attack unless they are put into a corner, so to speak, and are provoked to attack.
by esS-dOt. December 03, 2003