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Panther Creek is a new school in Wake County. In its second year it was compromised of freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. Even though assistant Principal Mrs. Ray is one mean bitch, panther creek still has its upsides. the biggest one is its 55 minute, one lunch for all students.
Basically, every high school student who doesn't go to Panther Creek is envious.

oh my fucking god, did you hear what Jason did when he left Panther Creek High School for lunch?

what did he do?

mmm girl, all i'm saying is that he had 55 minutes to do it.
by JennaXY September 06, 2007
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PCHS is some fuckin high school in the Wake county School district. the assistant principles need to learn how to take the sticks out of their asses, the principle is an alirght guy though. the spanish department is a joke, manly cuz they teach worse than the gym 'teachers'. the chemistry deparntment is amazing, as well as the theater arts department. in its 5th year it would have had a Zombie Club, but do to the administation not having a tampon they PMSed all over the idea and it was rejected. it has an awsome 55 min long lunch.
dude, the Panther Creek High School thesbian sociaty rocked that play. ecept for the kid that played Romeo, he was horrible.
by he who talks but has no voice December 22, 2010
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