A Persian name with possible Greek origins. In Greek it may mean "all the flowers" or "all the gods." In Persian lore, Pantea was the most beautiful woman in all of Asia and kept her face covered nearly all of the time to prevent men from falling in love with her. She was married to the Persian King Darius' greatest warrior, who died in battle. Darius brought the bad news to Pantea, and fell in love with her. He asked her to marry him, but Pantea, devastated, refused. Soon after, she committed suicide and the King had her buried next to her heroic husband.
Pantea is a woman of timeless beauty and dignity.
by Dinan17 May 30, 2011
Top Definition
Persian female's name with Greek origins, meaning "all the gods," and sometimes said to mean "all the flowers."
Pantea...what a beautiful name!
by MadeleineElster August 18, 2011
A person of the most obscure weight. Normally around the 120 kilo +, can differ though. It is a persian name, which means the fattest of the big cows, in farsi. Not persian. Persian isn't a language you idiot.
Ida: Jesus christ look it's Pantea coming over.
Gunnar: Dont worry she is stuck in the door.
by Tumblrgunnar December 09, 2015
Tea made by steeping a girl's underwear in boiling water for 5-7 minutes.
Man, look at that camel toe! I bet her pan-tea tastes like clam chowder!
by Hairy Tongue September 02, 2007
1. unresolved mystery

2. it is some type of rice, could be white,fried, brown.
Dakota: pantea likes to make things up
pantea: whos pantea?
maria: no one has heard of such a thing

pantea: is this a type of rice?
maria:is it white or fried?
pantea: could be brown
by marmar121212 June 05, 2011
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