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A stupid sounding shortened name for the brand name "Panasonic".
Owner of Panasonic 37" EDTV plasma: Look at my Panny Plasma! It displays HDTV so well!

Owner of a HDTV: LOL your plasma is only an EDTV - you'll get a 4x better picture quality with a REAL HDTV. Loser.
by hdtv April 25, 2005
Another term for mouth
Girl ''This curry is too spicy!''

Boy ''Get it in your panny!''
by Ridgeway February 04, 2011
A nastyass skank who puts everything down.
Stop being such a panny and say something nice for a change.
by jem199 May 28, 2006
slang for pansexual, making a pansexual comment.
Thinking something is sexual when in fact isn't.
Opps...I made a panny.
ie. the guitarist's fingers were moving sooooo fast...
by Panny Meesh May 30, 2005
a selected treasure that is taken after sex as a symbol of how much of a man you are. Collections of aforementioned 'pannies' symbolizes the ranking of your "playa" status. Must be shown off and bragged about to ensure acknowledgement of the fact that you scored with your friend's mom.
The smell of these pannies are fucking incredible!
My collection of pannies is bigger than yours.
by Dan Kirkwood July 15, 2003
An insanely funny typo of the word "panty" short for "panty hose". Don't ask why "panty hose" needed to be said, it just did.
Grizz: You should have said "Panny hose on the legs of some fat chick in a bathtub."
Lauren: Panny.
Lauren: LOL
by Master Phinnaeus March 31, 2005
a term of endearment originating from a small society in northern Nebraska who were involved in love making rituals involving so called "pots and pans"
"C'mere panny and give me some hot greasy love"

"Hey panny, get your long, hard, handle over here."
by Supa Mint Flava January 22, 2004