A person who possess no common sense.
That panky has a common sense factor of zero, he just hugged a hobo and called him the inner binding of our society.
by Chiz_bligen August 16, 2005
Top Definition
Perfect, in a romantic way! (The best of love panky and hanky panky )
That couple is so cute and panky!
by JessIsMe December 23, 2014
When someone (usually a woman) has a strop or a tantrum over something trivial.
During the ad break on Jeremy Kyle:

Me:"Im just changing the TV channell"
Her: "No - Im watching the adverts!!!"
Me: "Oh your gettin all Panky again"
Her: "WTF does Panky mean?!"
by sweet_pee85 October 09, 2011
A panky is a male/female who is either: a prude, buzz kill, cock block, or negative presence amongst a fun or positive environment.
"Oh I don't know. This doesn't seem fun...."
"I cant, my bedtime is 8:30"
"Why do you guys even go out? There's no meaning to life"
"Ew stop holding hands around me, it makes me insecure about how I will be forever single..."

These are the signs of a Panky
by PHYKE March 17, 2015
What a man does to satisty himself, usually involving the left and or right hand. The hanky panky minus the hanky.
"Chris had a great panky yesterday during his MP."

"He couldn't wait to get home and have some panky time."
by Chastity White Trash March 25, 2010
When a man/woman gets shitty,aggressive or annoyed over something small and not worth the up roar.
"Omg I can't believe you did that"

"Don't get panky it's nothing really"
"What's panky?"
by Herswords August 29, 2014
a strange word meaning pancakes in the morman tongue.
mmm these sure are yummy pancakes
by Chris January 21, 2005
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