(v.) To panic so intensely that when trying to write "panic", your handwriting becomes so shaky and illegible that the resulting term reads: pank
"Only two weeks' supply of pickle left in country! Buy Pickle! Don't Pank!" - note left on fridge.
by Lucy November 11, 2004
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To pat down until flat, compressed // To pack or tamp a loose type of material into a more compact mass

Origin: Northeastern Pennsylvania, or as we calls it: NEPA! (pronounced 'Knee-Pa')
"Ay Bobby, hows about yous and me drive up de eynon ta da Arch-a-bald pothole anz pank some dirt inta it ta fill it up even"
by Sugerman's Up De Eynon March 31, 2010
The act of masturbating whilst simultaneously defecating.

Formed by the amalgamation of two more commonly known words, 'Poo' and 'Wank', the situation of panking can be described in a number of ways, e.g.

'Going to Pankistan'

'Watching the Shawpank Redemption'

'Trying to navigate Pank's Labyrinth'

'Taking a loan out from the Royal Pank of Scotland
Jamie: 'Hey Pete's been gone for a while?'

Ben: 'He's probably just panking.'

Jamie: 'That boy, he's relentless. A German Panker tank.'

Pete: 'Well pank you very much.'
by Sticky Jam May 28, 2013
v.) To spank a male or transitioning male on the penis.

Please Note: occasionally causes unexpected drips of pee, blood, or semen if hit too hard or in the right place at the right time OR by the right person.
You have been a very bad boy Thomas! Pull your pants down and face me so I can pank you with my leather belt!

Sorry Dr. Dave, but my wife and I were playing around in bed & she panked me a few times, causing me to have my meriod (male period).
by takesumcake jones May 28, 2015
to flatten a surface or smooth out a surface; usually related to snow
I'm going to go out and pank the snow so I can make an ice rink in the backyard.
by noYoopergirl April 17, 2011
v. (panking, panks, panked) to spread another's anal cheeks and slap the sphincter in a spanking type motion, the goal of which is to make a hollow, popping sound as in the clapping of cupped hands. Also, it is more humiliating to have the pankee spread his or her own cheeks which enables the panker to focus more attention on the panking at hand.
If you don't cool it, I'm going to give you a panking you'll never forget.

"What if I'm giving him a panking and he tries to slap a dirty Sanchez on me?"
by Charlie Cats & Duran April 07, 2009
To pank is to wank and poo simultaneously. Much like poopsterbating

/ poopsterbate ... but British.
Why you taking so long in there?

Having a pank. Panking.
by ipankk March 04, 2014
The act of panking someone
(6:56pm) * mr_F panks Frost_Bite
(6:57pm) <Frost_Bite> ooooh yes, MORE
(6:59pm) <CyberDude> hey, I want some too :(
by 0wnz-U September 06, 2004

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