Top Definition
1. a near-microscopic penis

2. Someone with a lot of confidence despite a lack of good looks or anything resembling skills and/or talents
Man, that kid is a real panico and I've also heard he has a real tiny panico.
by Joe Xavier July 09, 2010
A great leader and a perfect man. Intelligent, confident, assertive, perceptive, attentive, caring, loving. Not the ordinary type, a bit eccentric and insanely sexy. Hard to please and even harder to keep. Expects high standard in everything.
Anna: I've met Panicos! His ideas are exciting.
Helen: He himself is exciting!

John: I worked on that report for two hours and still got negative feedback
Nick: That's because Panicos evaluated it, you know he wants the best! Twenty more hours will do.
by liberated January 05, 2013
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