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A online golf game that is played by millions across the world~ Mainly Korea & Japan. Their favorite char is either Kooh(Lolita) or Arin(big boobies).

It's also played at Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Europe, Philippines, China, Singapore(serving Southeast Asia as well) and the US (known as Albatross18).

It's just like any golf game except there are power ups and you can use it to your advantage per game. And you can get to learn tricks like Beam Impact, Tomahawk shot, Hole-in-one and etc. You can customize your clothes, buy amazing club sets and specially design golf balls just to fit in the mood for every game!
Tomato: I'm gonna aim for -34 for Blue moon!
IloveArin: You hacker!
Tomato: I'm not D:
HIO-Master: He's right, he's already a Pro in JapPY(Japan Pangya). He could pwned you in Albatross18 if you mess with him.

by winsonkoh May 09, 2007
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