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A disease founded by emotional triggers, usually found in deep space missions, a feeling of fear. Thinking you can't be saved, you may find yourself in a state of Pandorum, or extreme fear of being alone. Thinking there is nothing left, usually causes craziness.
Duddde! He has Pandorum, I think he's going crazy!
She's got Pandorum, just a matter of time till we're all fucked
He had Pandorum and blew up the fucking ship
#craziness #alone-ness #pandarum #fear #deep space
by iliketmd September 26, 2009
From the 2009 movie of the same name.

A psychological condition brought on by extended periods of deep-space travel and hyper-sleep.

Symptoms include severe paranoia, vivid hallucinations and homicidal tendencies.
Oh, Pandorum, Pandorum isn't what they warned us about. It's frightening at first, terrible in fact, isn't that what your feeling right now, a terrible fever, let go! And on the other side is divine clarity, enlightment...
#pandorum #movie #2009 #action #horror
by Joshie G. October 01, 2010
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