1. An obese person of Asian decent.

2. A fat Asian.

3. Also known as a F-asian.
Margaret Cho is kind of a Panda. They tend to be elusive.
by BangingPanda1 March 25, 2010
The coolest and most awsome animal or should it be said God!Panda's are also very dangerous as they have claws,guns and knows kung-fu.
If you ever happen to run into one you must offer yourself for sex or it will kill you but dont fear as they can be very lazy and not do anything...
girl 1:Oh my i just ran into a panda and had to take of my pants but when it got up it just sat back down cus it was to lazy
girl 2:wow ur lucky poor sarah refused to give herself and the Panda ripped here head off and raped her dead body!!!
by amanaboutapanda January 12, 2010
A name given to a women who is highly attractive and you would like to have sexual experiences with, unfortunately they are way to old. Or a word for sexy grandmother.
Hey peewee, today when i was at zoo I saw the queen of Doogenville with the president of Panda City. I was so tempted to go over to them but i just had to walk away.
by Panda guy October 05, 2010
Disproportionately large-jawed, underweight women, frequently blond, often in television or fashion - defining features are due to their subsistence on raw, hard to chew vegetable matter of low nutritional quality; just like pandas, which subsist on bamboo.
All the news chicks are pandas these days.
by little boo April 09, 2010
cumming on a girl then hitting her with a piece of bamboo
i gave that girl a panda last night!
by bobbybamboo October 03, 2009
An short Vietnamese female that generally wears black's, white's and grey's. Matting call is usually "merp". To scare of predators they will generally say, "I will set you on fire."
Boy: Hey Panda!
Panda: Merpppp.
by giraffeocti May 17, 2010
Also known as Eric.
"Hey, go call Panda and Charlie. I want to ask them something"

"Hey, did you call Panda yet?"
by :DDDDDDDDDD March 10, 2010

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