An ice cream brand in Turkey.
Hmm I wanna lick this Panda.ahh this panda is just like ice brr!!
by q_rtlsh August 24, 2010
Large black-and-white bear-like mammal, native to China. Eats, Shoots and Leaves.
A panda walks into a cafe. He orders a sandwich, eats it, draws a gun, fires two shots in the air, and leaves.
by Lynne Truss February 02, 2011
State of drunkenness, commoly thought to be the ideal state of intoxication between "tipsy" and "shitfaced"; characterized by dopiness and laziness, but also being kinda cuddly like a panda.
Note: effects of being panda usually do not involve the compulsion to eat bamboo. Usually.
Chris: how drunk are you?
Will: Panda.
by Panda-boy January 20, 2011
A chubby or bottom heavy girl that has a cute face.
Hey Brett, did you see that Panda?
by konos December 06, 2009
When Panda is used in the form of a nickname it means to look innocent and cute but can be quite agressive, dangerous and violent just as a real panda
P: I thought that girl was nice! Look at her she's so innocent.
P2: yeah but did you see the way she just went off at that guy!
P: she's such a Panda
by Justice071 November 17, 2013
A word to describe someone who is very attractive and eye catching. Not to be confused with the panda bear
"Hey man, look over there"


"Look at that girl, she's hot"

"Oh yeah, she's a massive panda"
by deccyg April 17, 2013
Term of abuse that debt laden smug marrieds and rich kids use for poor single people who, like Panda's, have had their lifes destroyed by the greed of rapcious and moribund creatures who blindly gorge on the worlds resourses like giant airhead leeches
I feel guilty about how that person has been treated, I will dehumanize them by calling them a Panda so I won't have to change.
by tarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr February 01, 2013

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