when you feel tired and hungry and you just feel like doing nothing at all. You know that feeling when you feel really weak and hungry? This is 'panda' at it's worst. You can be panda after a sports event, or just because of a busy lifestyle. Panda's are awesome animals and they also have the best name. Panda is so easy to say and is very catchy at the same time.
Yo let's go play basketball ! Nah man I'm fuckin panda.

Lets go for a walk, nah bro im so panda.

Ughhh what a hard practice..word i'm fukin panda.

Morning after a hangover: Yo wats up? Fuckkkkk dawg im so panda let's reach mc donald's...
by J20- February 23, 2010
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"Look at those damn pandas. Going to lower my property values."

"In the war of northern aggression, the yanks stole our pandas"
by _cp3o June 04, 2016
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a panda is when you get punched in the eye and it goes black and so you look like an endangered asian black and white bear.
"did you see suzie's face after last nights party? her boyfriend gave her the panda of her life coz he was drunk off his tits"
by filthy gee December 31, 2005
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Derivative of the fast-food chain "Panda Express"

Quite literally means to be a mess
Oi Colin, go have a shower, u look a right Panda
by Fabreze February 05, 2005
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Originally derived from the South Park episode starring 'Sexual Harassment Panda' circa 2000/2001. The term panda refers to someone, usually with ginger hair, who is rejected by many but accepted by few. Panda is an abbreviation for 'Sexual Harassment Gay Ginger Panda' which exploded onto the school scene in 2001.
by LazyJ June 19, 2006
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When you suggest that your girlfriend wears loads of eyemakeup, then get them to give you a blowjob. Whilst they are there, grab their head and pull them inhem til they gag and the tears stream down their face- making the makeup run, and them look like a Panda.
''She's not talking to me again''
''Why this time?''
''I gave her a serious Panda last night''
by Ting Ting Panda King November 04, 2009
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A tasty Treat...
EX: Panda Kabobs, Pand steak, panda pie, panda taco (mumm taco) ect...
"I loves me my panda"
by Maku April 02, 2005
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