1. An obese person of Asian decent.

2. A fat Asian.

3. Also known as a F-asian.
Margaret Cho is kind of a Panda. They tend to be elusive.
by BangingPanda1 March 25, 2010
cumming on a girl then hitting her with a piece of bamboo
i gave that girl a panda last night!
by bobbybamboo October 03, 2009
An short Vietnamese female that generally wears black's, white's and grey's. Matting call is usually "merp". To scare of predators they will generally say, "I will set you on fire."
Boy: Hey Panda!
Panda: Merpppp.
by giraffeocti May 17, 2010
S. Afr. slang for a white person.

Stands for Previously Advantaged Now DisAdvantaged.

It comes from the politically correct South African bullshit euphemism "previously disadvantaged" which means everyone who is not white, and hence is eligible for affirmative action.
Dave: I'm going to apply for that job.
Steve: Don't even bother. You're a PANDA, bru.
by George McBob April 29, 2009
A fat chick with a cute face.
Bafaa Bojangles: Damn, even though I was mashed I can still remember the feel of fatty flesh from that Panda when I got her in the sack.
Corneleous Bigglesworth: TRu, she did have a cute face though
by Messy Ma February 11, 2009
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