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Type of the Italian car brand Fiat called Panda. Nice cars but once you hit something with it, it will wrinkle and be compressed like you stand on a coke can.
"Watch out you cunt I'm driving a Panda!" "I'd like to have my coffin made out of wood and without weels..."
by jerry January 27, 2004
17 32
When a guy jizzes all over a women's face and then punches both of her eyes resulting in a panda-like face.
Girl: Do you like giving away pandas?

Boy: I gave one to all my ex's.

Girl: I want one!!

Boy: Why would you want me to punch you in the face?

Girl: Huuuhhh???
by Mr. T...bag May 27, 2009
11 27
Imagine a cute little baby, a few rainbows after a nice spring shower, the feeling of turning your pillow to to 'cold side', then imagine the complete opposite. No fuck that...imagine a furious bear charging at you, pissed because you took his bamboo, now imagine him tearing your arms off and eating your face...whole. Then, after he has decapitated you, he pees on your carcass. They have also been known to defecate on your carpet.
rayette, fat, panda, bear, silly, haha, pee
by Matrix_Bunny September 21, 2008
11 28
When a girl gives you head and you ejaculate in one eye and punch her in the other.
she will have one white and one black eye
also see pirate and scroll down to the sexual definition
"i once gave a woman a panda (with permission of corse) why she let me, ill never know."
by dangerous92 September 18, 2008
20 37
the American chinese food restaurant Panda Express.

a) what chu wanna eat tonight
b) I don't know I want a lot of food thought
c) well what's open?
d) I dunno. everything in redding closes at 9 o'clock
e) lets go to panda
f) yeah panda
g) hope my noodles aren't crunchy and my chicken is hot
by practicalgreen July 10, 2008
7 24
1) A combination of the first names "Paul" and "Amanda".
2) A bear like mammal that eats bamboo, known to be gentle.
3) Any person (or people thought ofas one unit) that is gentle and kind, but knows how to push people around.
1) You heard Panda, RESET!!!
2) I tried to plant some bamboo, but some panda ate it all!
3) You should see our drum majors, they're such pandas.
by tromboner88 April 03, 2008
11 28
Fiat Panda, box-like small car produced in the 80's and 90's. Known for its inability to wishstand even moderate damage without being written off. Also known as the Fiat Marbella.
I put my briefcase of the roof of the panda and it caved in.
by Gumba Gumba March 03, 2004
13 30