Also known as Eric.
"Hey, go call Panda and Charlie. I want to ask them something"

"Hey, did you call Panda yet?"
by :DDDDDDDDDD March 10, 2010
Someone who smokes too much green and then gets sleepy.
Sam is about to panda again!!
by Bavarian Creme November 27, 2009
S. Afr. slang for a white person.

Stands for Previously Advantaged Now DisAdvantaged.

It comes from the politically correct South African bullshit euphemism "previously disadvantaged" which means everyone who is not white, and hence is eligible for affirmative action.
Dave: I'm going to apply for that job.
Steve: Don't even bother. You're a PANDA, bru.
by George McBob April 29, 2009
A fat chick with a cute face.
Bafaa Bojangles: Damn, even though I was mashed I can still remember the feel of fatty flesh from that Panda when I got her in the sack.
Corneleous Bigglesworth: TRu, she did have a cute face though
by Messy Ma February 11, 2009
When you suggest that your girlfriend wears loads of eyemakeup, then get them to give you a blowjob. Whilst they are there, grab their head and pull them inhem til they gag and the tears stream down their face- making the makeup run, and them look like a Panda.
''She's not talking to me again''
''Why this time?''
''I gave her a serious Panda last night''
by Ting Ting Panda King November 04, 2009
a great Godzilla like being that will take over the world.
omg look at the panda!
by steeeveee April 06, 2005
Panda is another word for someone who is an absolutely hilarious fat legend, who cracks you up every time you see them.
Ahaaaa you're such a panda!
by hks123 May 26, 2009

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