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Type of film or video, usually shot on location in West Central or Southwestern China, that chronicles the amorous coupling of a male and female Giant Panda. The footage is then shown to Pandas living in captivity who have limited interest in mating. The hope is that the action will turn the pandas on and/or demonstrate to the male what he should be doing so that a natural mating might occur. Panda females are only in estrus two weeks out of the year, and the males are often too preoccupied with other things (i.e. sleeping & eating) to want to mate.
The staff at Washington D.C.'s National Zoo decided to show Mei Xiang and Tian Tian some smoking panda porn... really happened, google it!

After a long afternoon of watching panda porn and munching bamboo, Gao Gao tracked down a hot bitch panda and got his freak on.
by PandaFanatic June 22, 2010
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