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Refers to a person with high levels of irrationality and/or stupidity. Random acts denoting an incapability or unwillingness to properly consider the relevant information and proceed according the common sense.
That guy is truly a panchis!!!
by LCHE September 03, 2009
A somewhat old fellow who knows everyone in at your local store, restaurants, cafes, bars, etc. Often mistaken for a lazy, useless homeless man, but in reality is a pretty chill bro. No one else is as much fun to be around and as fun-loving as Panchi's are; they are often good with kids and essentially the light of every event, place, or party they go to. Panchi's are generally musically inclined and wonderful artists. Most Panchi's always have a good joke or two up their sleeves. Panchi's are the chillest dudes on the planet.
Dude, I love Panchi! He made a flute out of a straw and played happy birthday for me!
by DUDEBROMAN1995 May 22, 2011
Sexy mexican guy
Youre a Panchis
by Panchis ^^ May 18, 2003
This is the name of a colombian`s girl... she´s beautiful
panchis´s funny
by Anonymous September 02, 2003

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