Stands for pasty ass nigga
Look at that PAN over there, he never sees the sun.
by Mike Mikai September 19, 2007
Pussy Ass Nigga - used as an insult such as homo or an idoit - or to say somebody is scared to do something like when calling somebody a "pussy"
You aint nuttin but a f***ing PAN.
by Woulfie July 04, 2006
Short for PANOCHA.
Ew Erica's pan smells.
by your mother. December 15, 2003
The opposite of Pot... the reason why people get giggly and stoned-out at 4 AM
by somebody September 10, 2003
your face
you got a beautiful pan
by lala January 25, 2004
P.A.N stands for Pretty.Ass.Nigga
Man he's such a P.A.N., he gets all the ladies.
by Diddy41 March 07, 2008
Penis And Nuts
Did you see that guy?
Yeah, he had a huge PAN.
by PAN Man December 01, 2003

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